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Church for Guests

Imagine the scene. It’s a suburban house, and the Jones family are sitting down to their meal. Nothing special in that; but tonight is different. Johnny, the son, has brought his girlfriend Sarah over for dinner for the first time. What difference… Continue reading

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Five great things that Stuart Townend said last Friday

Last week our church hosted a solo gig from Stuart Townend. It wasn’t my idea, and I played absolutely no part in the hard work that went into making it happen! And lots of things made it a memorable evening, with a packed venue and great ‘unplugg… Continue reading

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Why we need Musical Variety (from Peter Turnbull, Christ Church Fulwood)

Musical Variety Part One Posted by Peter on March 13, 2012 Categories: Music God’s redeemed people have so much to sing about. Come to any of our Sunday services at Christ Church and you would, I hope, experience real musical variety as we sing he… Continue reading

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Significant Life Events…and the Power of Music

Everybody, I think, has at least one piece of music which brings the memories flooding back. It might be a song you listened to over and over again during a lonely patch when you were fifteen. It might be the tune from the first dance at your wedd… Continue reading

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