Sexuality and Scripture: Six Stories

Six personal stories about sexuality – blogged by Andrew Wilson at A moving and powerful contribution to the current debate on human sexuality.

Sexuality And Scripture: Six Stories

It can be dangerous to write about homosexuality in the abstract. Christians often do it, but the Bible never does. (There isn’t even a biblical word for it). After all, when we use words like “homosexuality”, “heterosexuality”, “gay”, “lesbian”, “bisexual”, “straight” and so on, we are not primarily dealing with predispositions, preferences or even practices, but with people. And people aren’t abstract. We have stories, experiences and perspectives, which can often express truths more powerfully than principles and arguments.

So here are six stories, experiences and perspectives which, in different ways, illuminate the relationship between the gospel and human sexuality. They concern a prostitute, a partnership, a pearl, a PhD, a pastor, and a Pentecostal.


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