After the Grammys

“I don’t watch the Grammys to learn theology, determine morality, or stand in judgment of those who haven’t found forgiveness in Jesus Christ,” says Bob Kauflin. And this year, he was “freshly grateful for a DVR with fast forward capabilities”!

But, he says, there are always things to learn.

In a great article, he says that this year he was struck by three differences between Christian musicians and musicians in general.

Christian musicians are called to:

  • follow a different standard
  • show a different grace
  • seek a different glory.

Really helpful stuff.

Meanwhile, on Christianity Today, Ed Stetzer writes helpfully about cultural shifts. The Grammys, he says, are not wholly representative of [Western] culture, but they do indicate its shifts. Christians must not simply shout, “Get off our proverbial moral lawn!” but must learn to speak the gospel with love and truth in a world where we may feel increasingly uncomfortable.

Finally, in the light of “Same Love” and so on, I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam Allberry’s short book, “Is God anti-gay?” Brilliant.


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