Church as a hospital for sinners

A good church is not just a place which teaches a biblical sexual ethic, but a place where those who have not lived up to a biblical sexual ethic can be supported in repentance and recovery.

That, of course, is all of us.

The problem is that we can draw a division between the respectable sexual sins and the non-respectable ones. And in doing that, we effectively categorise some of us as ‘OK’ and some of us as ‘outcast’ – even if we don’t mean to.

Here are two excellent recent articles exploring how church can genuinely be a hospital for sinners in this area.

Kyle Keating, on the Spiritual Friendship blog, looks at what makes a church ‘safe’ for those with same-sex attraction.

Meanwhile, on the Gospel Coalition blog, Russell Moore addresses a question which is likely to become increasingly prevalent: how to minister the grace of Christ to a transgender person.

Both very challenging and helpful.


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