Reading between the lines

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Parent View results (2014-2015)

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Grindon Hall Christian School
Tyne and Wear
  • URN: 138567
  • Pupils on the roll: 540
  • Responses for this school: 262
  • Responses for year: 2014/2015

NOTE: More than one parent/carer can complete the Parent View questionnaire so the results may show more respondents than pupils attending the school

Grindon Hall


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One Response to Reading between the lines

  1. Disco Dave says:

    It all sounds very similar to the repeated attacks on “Inadequate” Durham Free School which was recently shut down. The main difference was TDFS had just two school years, 7 and 8 and in the run up to an election was an easy target to use a s a sacrificial lamb to prove to the elecorate that the governments pet policy of free schools worked and that this is how they can show toughness against failure. Grindon having all school years including 6th form being shut would result in massive upheval across Sunderland where there wouldnt be any capacity to absorb the 500+ pupils. Therefore closure isnt an option. Remember this school posts results that tops many league tables across the north east.

    Pupils and parents put up a brave but vain fight to save TDFS with many of the critcisms aimed at Grindon being very similar to TDFS and were subsequently proven to be incorrect by the parents saving the school. OFSTED never responded to the criticisms over the inappropriate questioning or the conduct of its inspectors which again were proven by the school to have made incorrect judgements thereby bringing the report into disrepute. Plus with the school actively proving that its fortunes were being turned around and improvements were showing, the simple fact was once the knives were being stuck in by the detractors including local MP’s who used heresay and lies as the basis for their facts, then the school had no chance. Now Durham County Council are rubbing their hands with glee as they now have prime development land within the city to boost their coffers with while schools in the area struggle with a lack of places which will only get worse over the next few years. Durham Gilesgate Community Association and its many users are also now facing eviction with little provision of any alternative premises being offered to them. Again the local MP’s have shown little to no support for these groups despite their boasts in the local press.

    I sincerely hope Grindon Hall doesnt go the same way Durham Free School did.

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