Reviewed: Three new(ish) songs about the Word of God

It’s so good to sing about the Word of God – and not merely in that “pre-sermon” slot on a Sunday! Here are three recent songs on that theme, all of which I love, and, incidentally, all of which were sung at Keswick last week, in one tent or another.

Behold the Power of his Word – Michael Morrow (Co-Mission)

This is an upbeat song, with a chorus that echoes 1 Peter 1:24 as it contrasts God’s living, enduring word with the rising and falling generations in which we live. Neatly, the first verse reflects on God’s word in creation, before the second verse turns to his word in salvation. There’s also a strong middle 8, which is not too difficult to pick up…my only niggle is that I wish its second half rhymed a bit better! But this is a great song, which we sang several times in the youth tent last week.

Sheet music here.

It’s a Light and a Hammer – Awesome Cutlery

This song by family music duo Awesome Cutlery (Dan Adams and Gareth Loh) takes four biblical metaphors to make a catchy chorus:

It’s a light, it’s a hammer, it’s a fire, it’s a sword,
It’s the voice of the Father, the Word of the Lord;
The blade of the Spirit can cut to the soul,
And God will use it to make us whole.

As with Behold the Power of his Word, and like any good hymn, the verses are well crafted and make a thematic progression. The first one looks to creation, the second to salvation, and the third to the humbling and transforming power of God’s word in a believer’s life. This song is perfect for KS2 kids, but has a cringe-free depth and rigour that means it works really well for all ages.

Finally, also well worth a look:

Your Word, EMU Music (Liv Chapman, Alanna Glover, Philip Percival).

Lots of good images from Psalm 119, and a decent tune, though admittedly nothing quite as catchy as the two songs above. A highlight of this song is the unusually creative bridge section, which works up to a great lyrical climax:

Your word is more than just letters on pages;
it’s life and it’s love and it’s freedom for us

Your word is more than just wisdom of ages;
its treasures are endless, it’s always enough

Your word is more than just stories of old;
it’s the truth and the way and the story of love

Your word is more than just breath into dust;
it’s your Son, as a man, come to dwell here with us

Sheet music here (from the EMU online store; charge applies).

Check these songs out, and get singing!


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